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It’s easy for parents to get involved in Scouting.

Here are some different experiences of parents who have enjoyed helping out.

Paula - Parent Helper

AdultA friend of mine who is a Beaver Leader mentioned that she was short of help and I volunteered to give her a hand for a few weeks.  I didn’t know much about Scouting, just the old fashioned views most people have. I quickly found out what Scouting really is and it certainly has been an eye opener.  It’s great fun and children can achieve so much even at such a young age.  I enjoy it much more than I thought I would.

I made the decision recently to take on the role of permanent Helper for the Colony and I haven’t looked back.  The most rewarding thing for me is following the progress and development of the Beavers.  They are each with us for 2 years and it is an amazing journey for them too, you see their confidence growing and that’s why I do it.

I have two children myself so I am a busy mum.  My Scouting commitment is only one hour a week but I get so much satisfaction from it.

Scouting has changed my views on how children can progress and become really confident just by having fun.  The activities we do in the summer are what I enjoy most whether it’s taking the Beavers out for mini-treks or cooking outside.  I now have a totally different outlook on volunteering.

Tina – Beaver Colony Administrator

‘I first got involved with Scouting through my daughter. When she joined Beavers, I got chatting to the Chairman of the District at an event. I mentioned that I work in administration, and she said that the District was looking for someone to help with administration for the monthly newsletter. I felt this was something I could do easily, and without committing too much time, so I asked her to tell me a bit more about what it would entail. I now send out the newsletter once it has been written and printed by other volunteers. I like being able to help my daughter’s Group in a way that suits my skills and availability. There’s no pressure and everyone works to their own schedule.’

Andrew – County Commissioner

I used to be a Cub Scout some years previously but had lost contact with Scouting before I met my wife. She and her family were very involved and I started to get involved to support them. I found that I enjoyed working with young people and felt I had something to offer. When my son became a Beaver I decided it was time to give something back and offer my skills and experience to Scouting.I made contact with a County Commissioner who was very supportive and actively attempted to find me a suitable role. I began volunteering as a member of the District Executive Committee, became District Secretary, then District Commissioner and finally County Commissioner. I really enjoy being part of a team, contributing to the success of Scouting, working with young people and understanding the issues they face today. Through using my work skills, I believe I have provided leadership, direction, structure and professional administration to the District and County.